Misses Jones - Single

by Milton



Milton McCauley first single off his up and coming ep


got that jones up in my bones
for you misses jones
I got that jones in my bones
for what you got going on
I got that joneses in my bones
for you misses joneses
I got that jones in my bones
for whats in your home

(Verse 1)
damn you looking good in those stilettos
can I have you know strings attached
or am i looking a Gappetto
hell no
well thats just shallow
I'm a calm fellow
but I love to raise the limits
so raise me till I'm finished
I elevate you to
riding on the roll coster
go up an down until were over
hope your amused
my muse
as I let this merry go round
got that kinda smell thats makes more than sound
green to red up on my eq
cuz ever since i met you
had a tendency to drown
but don't frown
I don't mean up in my sorrows
but I love a bottle
not a model
skinny waist no face
buns to match
just make up and photoshop
Baby girl I give you props
Louie Prada
coke bottle
not a model
minaj bottom
bigger problem
than union of
Gabrielle up in the face
jesus christ what is this place
must be heaven


(Verse 2)
let me cope that
got a body
well pop that
love the way you throw them shots back
but that was never your object of interest
discretionary income
fools gold and then some
spend it on a boat
keep us a float
in the world of sharks
liven low
playing fraud
got no job
but spend it all
then you start
blown through the green
hoping green change the scene
envy bound to come
well so am I
when i ht the thighs of
misses jones
who got it going on
damn she know she wrong
swinging it side side
catching eyes for fun
put on front
with secret lives
as secret lie
between the sheets
you pleased
keep that on the low
like the bills up on the floor
stripping ain't always for a ho's
nobody has to know
what I been on
crashing the crib
like kinfolk
I cum then I cum
then I eat then you cum then I get low



released August 16, 2012
Marc Williams, Joseph Flay, Milton McCauley II



all rights reserved


Milton Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Maryland born and Philadelphia welcome R&B/Hip Hop/Pop artist, Milton is a star on the rise. Off of the strength of the singles as well as features with artists like Biz Mighty, Rich Quick, Skrewtape, and Voss, Milton has played all over Philadelphia in a short period of time. He is currently recording his debut album “Simple Pleasures” with producer Rob Devious. ... more


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